Cosmetic Laser Treatments & Hair Removal in Monticello, AR

The Latest Addition To Our Top-Of-The-Line Technology

At Woodside, we constantly strive to bring the latest technology to Southeast Arkansas. Our latest addition is a state-of-the-art cosmetic laser.

Gone are the days of expensive waxes, invasive procedures, or hiding areas with clothing or makeup- our cosmetic laser provides long-lasting results.

Laser Services

Currently, Woodside offers the following inmode laser services:

  • Hair removal with DiolazeXL. A leader in fast and effective hair removal, DiolazeXL has a large treatment spot size, ensuring that you can remove even the most stubborn hair fast. 
  • Reduce pigmentation and get clearer skin with Lumecca. Lumecca is an IPL laser (intense pulsed light) that is incredibly effective in treating pigmentation, birthmarks, and hyperpigmentation caused by rosacea, acne, and aging.
  • Anti-aging treatments with Morpheus8. By stimulating collagen production, Morpheus8 provides a natural anti-aging process in your skin. It also penetrates deeper than other lasers, which results in fat melting, so it is a great way to ensure a perfect contoured result.
  • Alleviate appearance of veins with Vasculaze. Vasculaze works by treating the blood vessel causing the appearance of veins, and its specialized design allows it to pinpoint the vein or vein network. This treatment is safe and efficient for all vein appearances, from vericose to spider veins.

How Does It Work?

For most treatments, the laser works by resurfacing the skin. The laser also heats the new skin, stimulating collagen production- meaning the skin becomes firmer, smoother, and healthier. There is no extensive recovery time- most patients are completely fine within 24 hours. With cosmetic laser treatments, the pain is minimal both during and after. Depending on your service, your session time and result window will vary- but don’t worry. At Woodside, we take pride in ensuring our patients are well-informed. We will walk you through what to expect, how to prepare, and give you a comprehensive overview of your treatment. 

We ensure that our clients feel comfortable and relaxed, and we are delighted to see how our cosmetic laser is bringing confidence to Monticello! When combined with our other aesthetic services, it’s a great way to feel and look amazing.

Consultations for laser treatments are $75, and you may use that toward any cosmetic service or laser treatment! To ask about any of our services, or to book a consultation, call or text us at 870-244-4411. We are happy to accept Care Credit!