Weight Loss Clinic in Monticello, AR

Woodside Medical was founded by doctors Jim and Katelyn Carmical in 2021. This innovative family health clinic is located in Monticello but serves the entire Southeast Arkansas region. The clinic provides quality care to patients in the most efficient manner, while also ensuring the best possible patient communication and offering the most accessible health information. Among many other services, Woodside Medical offers a weight loss clinic for patients.

A Holistic Approach

The weight-loss experts at Woodside Medical use a holistic approach. This means that instead of crash diets to lose a certain amount of weight quickly, they help facilitate a wholesale lifestyle change. To accomplish this, a patient needs a diet that promotes overall health and well-being and a good exercise regimen. Woodside can help with this, but also with the emotional and mental aspects of healthy weight loss.  It takes all of these factors to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.

The Benefits a Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

Woodside Medical’s holistic approach to weight loss will help ensure a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle than quick-fix weight loss methods. The clinic, run by weight loss professionals, prescribes only safe medications and promotes wellness overall. The goal is eventually for the patient to take fewer medications and spend less time with doctors.

If this type of weight loss approach sounds good to you, call 870-224-4411