Woodside Medical is an innovative family health clinic located in Monticello, Arkansas. The clinic, founded by doctors Jim and Katelyn Carmical in 2021, aims to provide health services to the entire Southeast Arkansas region. The clinic provides quality care to its patients in as efficient a manner as possible. It also ensures the best possible communication between patient and provider and easy access to health information. One area of focus for Woodside is medical services for those suffering from workman’s compensation injury.

How Workman’s Compensation Works

Accidents in the workplace can lead to a wide variety of injuries. Such a wide variety of things could go wrong across various industries, but Woodside Medical is prepared for any situation. When you get hurt at work in Arkansas, your employer is required to report the injury to its insurance carrier. They’ll then send you to the doctor chosen by the carrier. If you cooperate, fill out every form and attend every appointment, the carrier should pay all necessary medical expenses.

Our Treatment

Woodside Medical’s work injury doctors are focused on community businesses local to Southeast Arkansas. They respond quickly to injuries with short wait times and attentive care. The clinic can handle all different kinds of workplace injuries.

For more information, give us a call at 870-224-4441.