X-Ray Services in Monticello, AR

Woodside Medical is an innovative family health clinic that was founded by doctors Jim and Katelyn Carmical in 2021. The clinic is located in Monticello, but serves the entire Southeast Arkansas region. Woodside Medical aims to provide quality care to patients in an efficient manner, communicate effectively and offer the most accessible health information. Among many other functions, Woodside Medical provides X-Ray services for patients.

X-Ray Services at Woodside Medical

Medical imaging can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as diagnosing injuries to bones, ligaments, tissues and organs. It can be used to check on the health of a fetus and to diagnose cancer, among many other things. Whether you think you may have a broken bone or something far more serious, you’re going to want the best possible medical imaging to ensure that a proper diagnosis is made and treatment can begin.

Our Equipment.

Here at Woodside Medical, we have a state-of-the-art, full-digital X-Ray machine that offers the best possible image quality with minimal exposure to radiation. There is essentially no comparison to this level of technology. Compared to non-fully digital equipment, it’s faster, provides a higher quality image and is more reliable. It also provides the advantages of repeating images more easily, sharing images and comparing them as well.

If you believe you need an X-Ray done, be sure to go the fully digital route. If you’re in Southeast Arkansas, that means going with Woodside Medical. Call 870-224-4411 to set up an appointment.