Sports Medicine in Monticello, AR

Woodside Medical’s innovative family clinic serves the entire Southeast Arkansas Region. The clinic, which was started by doctors Jim and Katelyn Carmical in 2021, is located in Monticello, Arkansas. It brings the highest-quality health care to patients efficiently, while focusing on patient communication and ensure that access to important health information is readily available. One of the clinic’s areas of focus is sports medicine.

Importance of Sports Medicine

The aims of sports medicine are simple: to help athletes improve their performance by aiding them in recovery from injury and preventing future injuries. Sports are a great way to stay in shape and build person skills, but they also come with the risk of short and long-term injury. Injured athletes who want to get back on the field and stay there utilize sports medicine services to achieve that goal. This is achieved through proper diagnosis, rehabilitation and getting ahead of any potential future risks identified in the process.

What We Offer

Woodside Medical has an x-ray and ultrasound machine on site to properly diagnose whatever is ailing an athlete. The clinic has trained sports medicine physicians who are equipped to treat any type of sports-related injury. They can administer injects and other recurring treatments if needed. Woodside works closely with rehabilitation centers to stay in the know about an athlete’s medical needs. It also works with former athletes to gain a better understanding of the healing process. If you are in need of a sports medicine doctor, call Woodside Medical today at 870-224-4411 to set up an appointment.